"Best Accountant in the Country and she belongs to Gauteng"

This is not your average suit and tie accounting business. This is about a strong bond of trust and commitment to supporting you and making you feel like you are our only client no matter how small or how large.


FIGG Excel Accounting Solutions sells powerful accounting tools developed in MS Excel for small business.

The small business accounting system has advanced functionality which leads to the user not even needing bookkeeping or accounting skills and reduces admin time by at least 50%.

The video tutorials that are included with the products are detailed and easy to follow.

The set-up of the system is simple and flexible to suit any small business.

The system includes the following small business tools:
– Small business accounting system
– Budget
– Sales Forecast
– Payroll
– Fixed Assets Register
– Business Administration Documents
– Household Accounting System for personal finance control

The FIGG products are packed with functionality making it simple to use with high quality standard reports and sort, filter and search of transactions. An experienced Excel user can easily create more reporting yourself.

The results of using the products are best described by our Customer testimonials:

The FIGG accounting system has been brilliantly designed for sole proprietors and small businesses where it is not always possible to separate and still record both business personal expenses. I have saved an enormous amount of time since using it. While I have always used my own Excel system this takes my financials to another level and saves hours of manual input of data. The support and help I have received from FIGG has been outstanding. Not only with videos but prompt Skype and email help when I needed it. I can now generate my own income statement and trial balance if I need to. I really like the checks and balances that have been built into the system so that you can see if you’re doing something wrong. I feel that my business is on a sounder level and that I can grow with confidence knowing that my financial systems are well-managed.

FIGG also offers Bookkeeping services, Company registrations and Training all done by a professional and highly experienced team who delivers fast, transparent and outstanding work.

The FIGG team has delivered a product and service which has:
Gained the status of a Member of the Microsoft partner Network and verifying the compatibility of the products with both Microsoft Office and Windows.
Received customer testimonials that have led to Microsoft awarding FIGG the competency title of “Small Business Specialist”.
Gained preferred supplier status of various businesses and bodies.
Been awarded an honored membership published in the World Business Almanac 2012 for the South African Business Network
Been selected from thousands of applicants to be showcased on the “It’s my Biz” television show.

You are a FIGGER for sure If you:
Already do or wish you could use Excel to keep record of your transactions
Are not keeping record at all currently because systems are too complicated and expensive
Have a bookkeeper who does your books once a year because you have to but not getting any management tools out it.

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