"Best Accountant in the Country and she belongs to Gauteng"

This is not your average suit and tie accounting business. This is about a strong bond of trust and commitment to supporting you and making you feel like you are our only client no matter how small or how large.


As a client of FIGG Excel Accounting solutions for the past 20 years, I was asked to write the About page for the FIGG website.

I had to promise not to write a 1365-page novel since there is so much “About” the business and the owner that it is near impossible to write any less to fully describe it.

FIGG Excel Accounting Solutions was founded based on demand for the skills of the owner Gail Meryl Emmerick.

Gail has a rather unusually dynamic background that attracts many entrepreneurs to believe that she is the only accountant who would understand their specific business and needs.  It is only FIGG clients who fully comprehend how true that is.  The knowledge, ease and service that one receives from FIGG is unmatched.

Gail obtained her accounting degree qualifying as top student at the University of Pretoria.

SARS, which was then known as The Receiver of Revenue, approached her to work for them after qualifying, which she accepted.  Within a couple of months Gail was promoted to an inspector.  The first female inspector in the country.

After learning all she wanted to learn at SARS she moved on to the Private Sector.  Once in the Private Sector, at the age of 25 Gail became known as the accountant who would find everything going wrong in your business and then implement solutions to fix it.

By the age of 27 Gail started her own Company and was known in Gauteng as “The Fixer”. By word of mouth only, Gail would work exclusively for any 3 Medium to Large companies at a time. Each project taking between 8 and 18 months.  Many of these companies would be repeat clients. Gail assumed the role of project leader and delivered her service for Companies experiencing rapid growth, mergers and acquisitions or if they wished to implement new systems or suspected fraud. 

Many of these clients would have managers who would leave their jobs to start their own small businesses, Gail then formed FIGG Excel Accounting Solutions to recruit people for the new clients and do all the Registrations at CIPC, SARS, Labour etc. She then trained the small business entrepreneurs and staff on their admin procedures and prepared their monthly management accounts, Annual Financial Statements and Submit their Income Tax to name a few.

By 2010 FIGG had so many clients that Gail decided to no longer offer her services as Business Turnaround but to focus on her small business clients and then by 2012 Gail had written an accounting system for Small Business in Excel which was awarded Microsoft Member Status.

The knowledge that now belongs in FIGG because of the experience in all areas of business, accounting and legal aspects of a business is nothing short of phenomenal.  The Communication is of such a high standard, that I personally have never found in any other supplier. The work Figg does is of such high value and as you can imagine things can get busy, yet every call or email is returned the same day


The personality and character of FIGG is best described as a hands on, down to earth, solutions orientated, call a spade a spade and hard working with a love of small business entrepreneurs, this holds the value of Gold to myself and all of FIGG’s clients. 

Not one client has ever moved away from FIGG even if they relocate 1000 miles away. Take the first step in placing value on your business by contacting Figg today and rest easy that you have finally found the solution you were looking for.

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